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Published: July 8, 2013 | Category: Food, French

A Brand New Hotel Experience at Hilton Kuala Lumpur

With the completion of  renovations, Hilton KL boasts a stylish, modernist redesigned lobby lounge and FOUR new exciting F&B concept outlets for your dining and entertainment pleasure. 

The Lounge 

With a majestic view of picturesque scenery, it is a great place for a casual drink and snacks. Newly refurbished in a modern eclectic style with an urban park feel it offers a formal but comfortable space for social occasions, meetings and relaxation.  

Oro Cafe

Designed as a classic barista café with an inviting polished marble bar counter, it is the perfect place for those in need of a caffeine fix with a freshly baked croissant, gourmet sandwich or salad. For a sweet treat check out the irresistible jewel-like confectionary and dessert display.  

Chambers Bar & Grill *Coming Soon* 

Offers an innovative grill menu of prime aged meat cuts or fresh seafood served on skewers cooked “ala minute” over lava stone, charcoal or “robotayaki” style annexed to the hotel’s stylish main bar & lounge.


An innovative all-day-dining restaurant designed with an “al fresco” urban park feel. Impressive buffet showcase with choice selection of Asian and international favourites.  


With an emphasis on fresh, seasonal produce and the finest cuts of meat this authentic modern 
European restaurant offers classic dishes in a stylish but unpretentious setting. 

Main Dining Lobby (1280x960) Graze Logo (1280x1280)

a new restaurant ( formerly Senses ) boast a European Menu inspired by different region specialties, fresh organic ingredients and seasonal products all served in a stylish and unpretentious settings. The food here focus on authentic dishes with a bold and robust flavors  created by Hilton Chef Micheal Elfwing and the talented Head Chef of Graze, Chef Audrey.

We started the night with a chill glass of Prosecco Conti Neri, and Sabrina informed us that we would be having 7 types of Appetizers. I was pretty glad i skip lunch that day as Sabrina informed that we will be tasting plenty of food that night.


Goat's Cheese Beignets with Sweet Millet & Garden Salad (1280x849)
Goat Cheese Beignet with Sweet Millet RM 25 – Beignet means deep fried pastry or in this instance it is deep fried goat cheese served with Sweet Millet (  highly variable small-seeded grasses ), it was crisp, creamy from the cheese and fresh greens flavors all combine together giving you a light and sweet taste 


Mimolette Cheese Soufflé with Raisins & Pine Nuts (846x1280)

2) Mimolette Cheese Souffle with Raisins & Pine Nuts RM 28 - Mimolette is a cheese traditionally produced around the city of Lille, it was made into a souffle ( soft egg white meringue ). The souffle was very light and fluffy, and went extremely well with the sweetness of the raisins and the pine nuts gave it the sweet crispiness with the light bitter aftertaste.


Pissaladiere Tart with Olives & Anchovies (1280x793)

 3) Pissaladiere Tart with Olives & Anchovies RM 28 – Pizza like dish made usually from bread dough thicker than that of the classic Italian pizza and normally no tomatoes are use, and the topping consists of caramelised almost pureed anchovies and olives. This is a traditional dish of Southern France and also in the Italian Region of Liguria. Heavy and flavorful in taste due to the saltiness of the anchovies, this dish should be appreciated if you are looking for something robust and strong in flavors.




4) Chicken Liver Parfait serve with Caramelised Apple Jam and Toasted Baguette RM 28 – Parfait means frozen food made from a base of sugar syrup, egg, and cream. Here the liver was rich, silky and meltingly delicious, i had huge spreads on the crispy baguette and together with the sweetness of the jam, i was halfway to heaven.


Steak Tartare with Hand Cut Fries, Onion Jam, Toasted Sour Dough Bread (1280x819)

5) Steak Tartare with Hand Cut Fries, Onion Jam, Toast Sourdough Bread RM 42 – Steak Tartare means finely chopped or minced raw beef, season with a mixture of fresh ingredients such as capers & onions, ground pepper and Worcestershire Sauce, this dish was top with a raw egg yolk giving it the extra smoothness. I am normally not a big fan or tartare but this time around i was pretty amaze by the taste of  raw, soft and creamy beef perfectly balanced by the sharp pungent flavors of the fresh ingredients. 


Fried Calamari (1280x960)

6) Calamari Fritti RM 28 - This classic preparation uses a dry coating,  even mix of flour and cornstarch to guarantees a light and crispy dish. Squid was fresh and texture was firm, squeeze a bit of lemon and a dash or tartar sauce and you will find a flavorful burst of seafood taste in your mouth.


Traditiona Onion Soup (1280x960)

7) Traditional Onion Soup with Gruyere Cheese RM 18 – Made mainly from beef or chicken stocks, at Graze it is top together with Gruyere Cheese. ( hard yellow cheese from Switzerland ) It tasted so rich and full of flavor not due just to the broth, but also from the caramelized onions and the cheese which is sweet but slightly salty.


That was an awesome range of appetizers and next came the mains, in total we had 7 main course and 2 type of wines, an Italian white
Baldassarri Grand Alone Bianco and also a Bordeaux Red, Chateau Roquefort.

 Roast Chicken with Garlic & Thyme, Ruby Poseval Potatoes & Button Mushrooms (853x1280)

 1) Roast Chicken with Garlic & Thyme with Ruby Roseval Potatoes & Button Mushroom RM 42 - a Signature dish of Graze, the roast chicken is soak overnight in salt and milk for taste and tenderness of the meat. It is roasted together with Ruby Roseval Potatoes (a small red oval shape variety ) which is well known for their yellow and firm texture and some succulent mushrooms on a large white pan. The meat was soft and came off the bones easily, soaking the meat into the perfect tasty sauce made every mouthful so pleasurable, the sauce was further enhanced by the soft roasted garlic and the aromatic thyme made this dish a winner for the night.


Slow Cooked Dorper Lamb Shoulder & Grilled Rack with Parsley Mashed Potatoes (832x1280)

2) Slow Cooked Dorper Lamb Shoulder & Grilled Rack with Parsley Mash Potato RM 58 - The Dorper is a fast growing meat producing sheep. It was bred by crossing a Dorset Horn sheep from Britain with a Persian sheep from Iran, the lambs show good maturity at 4-6 months of age and this ensures tenderness and a superior flavor. At Graze the lamb is braised ( moist heat cooking )  for 5 hours which  breaks down connective tissues of the meat ensuring them to be tender and succulent. The meat practically melts in your mouth.
The grill racks were nicely brown on the side and pink within. With such excellent meat all it takes was some perfect marination and the meat tasted juicy and loaded with flavors.




3) Bouillabaisse of Sea Bream, Snapper & Lobster with Toasted Baguette and Rouille – RM 92 – one of the more expensive dish in the menu,  the Bouillabaisse ( traditional fish stew ) is cooked with 3 types of seafood, Sea Bream ( North America Tropical Water Fish ) well known for their mild white meat, Snapper ( south eastern America fish ) meat is lean and moist, with a sweet, mild distinct flavor and lastly the Lobster which was pure and sweet, all three seafood made this stew so flavorful and bursting with sweetness, every spoonful was offering an unique taste of the sea. Toasted baguette with Rouille ( sauce made from olive oil, saffron, breadcrumbs, garlic and chili peppers ) was serve as a garnish.


4) Grilled Snapper, Caper Butter, Haricot Vert & La Ratte Potatoes RM 58 – Perfectly grilled Snappers which has a sweet & mild distinct flavors, the Caper Butter added the extra pungent flavor. Garnish with Haricot Vert ( French Green Beans ) and also La Ratte Potatoes   ( small potato with a unique nutty flavor and buttery texture ), Snapper was cooked perfect retaining all the moist and juice of the fish.


Tortellini of Potato & Fontina with sautéed Escargot & Baby Spinach (1280x853)

5) Tortellini of Potato & Fontina with Sauted Escargots & Spinach RM 33 - Tortellini ( navel shape pasta ) was cook together with Potatoes and Fontine ( Italian Cow’s Milk Cheese ). The cheese made the dish taste light with nutty flavors, combine together with the buttery texture of potatoes and sweetness of the Escargots, this pasta dish had plenty of different bursting flavors and variety of texture in the palate.


Prime Rib Steak, Fries & Side Orders (853x1280)

6) Prime Rib Steak 350 grams & Fries RM 188 – simple yet an excellent cut of meat, cooked medium rare the Prime Rib ( highest cut of the beef ) was so juicy because of the high fat content and the meat seems to melt in your mouth. Served together with thick cut of fries and an excellent Bearnaise Sauce (  clarified butter in egg yolk, white wine vinegar and herbs )


7) Moussaka – Baked Lamb & Aubergine RM 38 – layered with Lamb Meat and Aubergine ( eggplant ), it is than top with creamy bechamel sauce and baked to perfection, this is a widely recognized Greek dish. The lamb meat was well seasoned, thus the dish tasted creamy, rich and further enhanced by the flavors of the lamb meat, it is indeed a tasty sinful dish.


 Well, the mains came and went and while everyone was complaining how full they were, Sabrina announced that dessert will consists of their Signature Tarts and also the Restaurant Manager Simon Cordedda selection of Cheese Platter, dinner can’t be complete without sweets.


Lemon Tart

Lemon Tart

Tarte Tatin

Tarte Tatin

Graze Chocolate Tart

Graze Chocolate Tart

 1) Selection of Tarts – Chocolate, Lemon and Tarte Tatin ( upside down tart made from fruits ) RM 18 each – bake fresh for each meal period, the buttery crust of the tarts melts in your mouth and with 3 different fillings, desserts were sweet memories within a short period of time, despite being so full.


Selection of Fine Cheese from our Cheese Wall (1280x839)

2) Cheese Platter RM 45 – A selection of Goat, Roquefort, Reblochon, Blue & Brie, served together with Dried Fruits and Jam. 


An excellent 3 hours of quality dining, GRAZE truly lives up to their ” back to the basics ” philosophy delivering authentic dishes with bold & robust flavors. Looking at the menu and the pricing which emphasize on affordable quality food, I am certainly looking forward in coming back and i am sure GRAZE will in no time establish their reputation with a stream of loyal patrons seeking that unique dining experience.

Special thanks to 2 wonderful ladies Angeline and Michele from Arcis Communications whom did a wonderful job of explaining to us every single point and details of the newly setup restaurant, and also to the beautiful Ms Sabrina of The Hilton KL.

Lastly, to both Chef Micheal and Chef Audrey, being able to hear directly from you on how GRAZE menu was born and created made me appreciate and enjoy the finer details of your cooking, kudos to both of you for creating such simple yet unique menu served in a wonderful and unpretentious settings.



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